The Evil Within (Game Review)

Last night I managed to complete The Evil Within on survival mode, this is the hardest mode that I had access to as this is my first play through of this game.

The first thing I have to say about this game is, if you don’t like horror films/games then you are not going to like this game. The story running though this game is a psychological horror but the story isn’t what makes this game scary.

There is a lot of creepy as well as gory things which happen throughout this game. Most of the ‘trash’ mobs are zombie like creatures which you can rarely kill in one shot (even with a head shot). The bosses however are something else entirely, not only are they creepy but on the difficulty I was playing on they are also quite challenging with some of them taking me a few hours to complete.

The cut scenes and back drops in this game are also rather gruesome and nightmarish. There is one particular area which heavily features mannequins which seems to have come straight out of someones nightmares. There is also a lot or hidden details within the backdrops of this game which you can pick up on if you are paying attention which is great to see.

One issue with this game however is that it is a bit buggy. I played the game on PC and I found that it really didn’t like me having more than one screen connected to my PC while I was playing this game. There is also a known bug in this game that can corrupt your save which I luckily managed to avoid. I believe that they game is more stable on PS but I haven’t tried it on that platform so I can’t say for certain.

Having said this, I really enjoyed this game despite it being frustrating at times. I would certainly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing horror games or doesn’t scare easily.

Now that I have finished the game I have unlocked a number of new features including: new game+, nightmare difficulty and Akumu difficulty. I am planning to start playing The Evil Within 2 tonight as I have been looking forward to starting this game for a while but I will definitely be going back at some point to try this game on the harder difficulty levels.

If you would like to check out any of the game play the videos are available on my YouTube channel here:


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